Meaning of 11:11 Phenomenon Mystery?

It Isn't:

Something people are just imagining. Some people will write it off as people having a heightened awareness of this 11:11 experience and subconsciously attracting what they are thinking about. Since there are so many people who thought they were alone in this until they searched the internet about it; this would not apply to the many people in that group. I only wish I had that ability to have even a fraction of that kind of subconscious awareness. It simply isn't logical to apply that explanation to this mysterious phenomenon.

My own experience shows that the more I go along with it, the less it happens. If I play along and try to time it or look for it then it seldom happens. It is when I am not thinking about it that the so called 11 coincidences start happening. On a busy day when you are thinking of a million things is when it is likely to occur. I myself, seldom go to bed at the same time. If I wake up during the night it could be any hour, yet the proportion of times that it has been 11 minutes after the hour when I look at a digital clock is staggering.

If it weren't for the thousands of people experiencing this out of the blue, you could easily write it off as one of those quirky things people with vivid imaginations might experience. The fact that so many people have such a similar strange experience makes it a really fascinating mystery.

What is it?

So what does it all mean? There are a lot of theories and facts surrounding why the number 11 has taken on such a prominent role in people's lives, as well as history. One common theory is that seeing such numbers all the time is a wake up call; but to and from what? Is it end times Bible prophecy? Does this tie in with the Mayan calendar and 2012? The year 2012 may have passed by rather quietly, but the Mayan people still hold some of the great mysteries of the world and the exact date of the Mayan calendar coming to an end has always been in dispute. Many such strange things have occurred over a very small time-frame, such as the blood moons. These are signs of the times.

Does the explanation of this mystery relate to what is called descent into matter? What role do the pyramids play? You may have heard that repeating numbers, such as 11:11 are angel numbers. Then there's the time prompt theory... We will continue to explore those things and more, so keep looking for updates. In the meantime, you can look at the number 11 and Bible prophecy page for a fascinating look at the possible relation of end times to this unexplained mystery. Also look at the news and historical dates and happenings relating to the 11:11 mystery. You definitely want check out the number 11 forum to see what some of the most knowledgeable 11ers are saying or to offer your own experiences or explanation. You are not here by accident!

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