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11 Phenomenon Forum / Re: Phase in, phase out
« Last post by Gene on June 13, 2017, 01:37:51 AM »
Great to have you back, Angel! A lot of what you are talking about is definitely relatable to a lot of people on here. Of course, the repeating numbers and patterns are right in line with most of us experiencing this phenomenon. Glad to hear you have turned a corner in your life. I hope it keeps going in the right direction. Hearing some positive things can only give hope to those who are still trying to get around that bend. Its been a long season for a lot of us. I have just posted up a topic on the law of attraction and positive thinking and such. Hopefully it can turn into something at some point that will helpful to people.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the principles behind positive thinking and the law of attraction and various related ideas behind how we think. Just how well do these “laws” and theories work to combat fear and negativity and attract prosperity? The Bible speaks a lot about dispelling fear. I haven’t counted, but a lot of sources say that fear is mentioned some 365 times. That kind of repetition should draw the attention of any believer. Clearly, there is a battle going on that challenges us in the areas of fear/anxiety.
There are many self-help experts/gurus who work, in large part, on the principles of positive thinking and the law of attraction. You have The Secret, which covers the Law of Attraction. Of course, there is the Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, which preceded so much of what we see today. There are numerous gurus like Tony Robbins, as well as those who approach these ideas from a Christian perspective such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, the late Robert Schuller, and many others who speak frequently about being positive and turning bad circumstances around.
I am not here to advocate any single method or any of them for that matter. At least not right now. I am in the novice category who wants to learn more and apply it to see what happens. While I can’t attest to the results yet, I can see the need having been brought up around a great deal of negativity and having difficult circumstances throughout my life that tax every ounce of your hope. I see many others going through very difficult things – much more than seems to be their fair share. Definitely a lot more so than some who seem to float through life with positivity, happiness and prosperity. Is it about luck? If you have read this site you already know what I think about luck. I might refer to bad luck or good luck because we so often call it that, but the luck I am speaking about is not chance. The good and bad are coming from somewhere and at times way beyond mathematical probability. If you’ve lived it you know exactly what I mean. If you are one of us who has experienced the repeating numbers and patterns phenomenon then you at least know how things can happen way beyond rational chance.
So how much of our circumstances can we control with the mind? The need is definitely there. There are so many people fighting battles that seem to start from within, but most likely come from external forces that we cannot see. Clearly these circumstances are happening for a reason. Right? Do we have power over them? There is no shortage of people who claim they have overcome the difficulties that have haunted them in the past. I am a pretty good test subject for this myself so I will try to learn and hopefully can help others at the same time. I do know that negativity, whether it comes from within or is thrust upon you from the outside is very damaging.
Whether you were raised under difficult circumstances or are involved with abusive or negative people in your day to day life, the effects of negativity weigh heavy and can follow you throughout life. It can not only lead people to depression and a general state of unhappiness, but also freeze them with anxiety from being able to do even the most basic of things. It can push them into a variety of damaging bad habits. Stress is known to have a very damaging effect on the body as well so it seems without question that the things that cause stress will do a terrible number on you. But can we really change it all with our thoughts, habits, and our words? For some the whole idea may seem silly. We all come from different backgrounds and were raised differently. We have had different circumstances and the minds we were born with may process it all in different ways. Yet despite all that, countless are in similar battles when it comes to anxiety and the like. Bad “luck” seems to hit many of us like a curse. Is it? And can we break the curse?

I have little doubt that a positive outlook will help make you think more clearly and be able to make better decisions in general. But overcoming the so-called “bad luck” is not easy to do with decision-making alone. At least not some of the luck I am speaking of here. And when you get knocked down so many times the vicious cycle can really take a toll. If something happens to a person enough times is it irrational to fear it is going to happen again? People question whether the hard work that goes into making sound decisions is even worth it when the unforeseeable turns those good decisions into wrong decisions time and time again.
There are people who are born into horrible circumstances and areas in the world. They didn’t do anything in the womb to bring on such terrible things. There are things such as generational curses that may be an explanation for a lot of what people go through in their lives. I have also seen more than a few people who think whatever happens to others is always a person’s own fault. I certainly don’t agree with that. Most likely they have been on the other side of the breaks in life and simply cannot relate. It is even understandable for a person whom the coin lands on heads 50 times and tails 50 times to not understand when someone tells them it landed on one or the other 90 out of a hundred in their lives. If you get what I’m trying to say.
The real question here is, can we, through our thinking, attract more of the good forces and breaks in life? And by doing so bring more of the “good luck” into our lives? Is the law of attraction real? Is visualization the answer? It has helped countless people in all walks of life. Can it help those who can't seem to shake the bad breaks in life?
I’ve seen people so negative that they could undermine any so-called good luck. In fact, this has been done many times in monumental fashion. We have all seen so many incredibly successful people who weren’t really happy and have either committed suicide or slowly did themselves in through unhealthy lifestyles. In these circumstances there is an intersection of attraction and positive thinking. On one hand they were able to attract success, but on the other they then sabotaged it through some form of negative thinking. Maybe positivity and negativity can hit great highs and lows in a person’s mind at the same time or at least in different areas? The people I’m talking about managed to attract great things, but also managed to destroy those very same gifts in dramatic fashion.
So there are a lot of questions and examples when it comes to the law of attraction, positive thinking, and faith. I will probably be bouncing around various people, books, and methods to try to get a handle on this. I have a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking that I borrowed from the library so I will definitely be examining that right off. There is no shortage of information and videos online regarding similar methods as well as the law of attraction. I think the key is in understanding whether or not these principles actually do work as well as we have heard and what are the common threads. Examining as many methods as possible will help in finding the similarities and maybe the reasons behind whey they do work.
 Getting encouragement and inspiration from the quotes and principles of other people who have risen above their difficulties can hopefully give us inspiration. I’m not really looking to critique various methods or people. If I find things that I don’t like I may comment on it, but I think there are things to be gained from most positive and successful people and I think for obvious reasons that it is best to focus on what works. In the case of faith, positive thinking, and the law of attraction we are talking about more than just habits of successful people. It is about the mind and spirit and things we can’t see. Can anyone tap into these incredible forces to help themselves and the world around them? I’ll do my best to learn and apply what I can to my own life and hopefully others will as well. And more importantly, with great results! More to come…
11 Phenomenon Forum / Re: Phase in, phase out
« Last post by Angel on May 29, 2017, 03:40:17 PM »
Hi guys, I've not been around for a while but I've missed you. A couple of years ago life grabbed hold of me and began to run, it was the best I could do to lag behind...... reading last few posts I see that I've not been on my own in that respect. Hope you're all ok, hopefully I've turned a corner now so I can start to breath properly again.  Still seeing the numbers, some doubles, but strangely 11 past odd hours.... I see I wasn't alone in that too.... I've always been able to see patterns.... so much so that it drives me crazy sometimes. Still looking for the answers, trying everything I can to explain it......looking for new theories too, thinking outside the box...... watching ancient aliens again, head buzzing with all latest findings..... this is a quick one tonight.... just wanted say Hi...... so Hi lol x
11 Phenomenon Forum / Re: Decisions
« Last post by Gene on May 25, 2017, 03:02:28 AM »
I keep asking God and the universe to give my a sign of what I'm doing is right and the path I'm about to embark is the right one and then I keep seeing the number 11s. I would like to ask for others' opinions in this matter. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the group! Sorry to hear you are going through these things. Of course, there is no way I can tell you if what you are thinking would be the right or wrong decision. But I think just about all of us can relate to asking for a sign and those of us experiencing these repeating numbers and patterns are given these signs regularly. The question is whether the sign is saying that you should make the decision you are thinking of making or whether it is just letting you know that things are going to get better as you suffer through this. I suspect you will ultimately make the right decision, whichever it is, and that things will become much better. The great thing about these signs are that you will keep getting them. So pay attention to how they make you feel and what you are thinking as you keep getting them. I know I have come to very often see them as telling me that things that I am going through are going to get better. And in a big way. A lot of of these things I have been going through still remain, but I don't know where I would be with everything that has happened without the frequent reassurances. I haven't gotten a lot of clear direction other than don't give up hope because they are going to pass. It seems clear enough through this and other things that there are powers that can make it happen. So when they communicate with us it seems positive and hopeful. I know a lot of people will be praying for you as they read your post, including myself.
11 Phenomenon Forum / Decisions
« Last post by Katen11 on May 20, 2017, 09:58:53 AM »
Hello everyone. Thanks for letting me be part of the 11ners. I'm glad that there others out there who experience the same phenomenon. I've been seeing a lot of 11:11 and combination of 1s for over a year and more recently the numbers show up more frequently throughout my day. I'm at the phase in my life where there could be a big transition in my relationship. I've been married to my husband for 4 years and have been in a relationship for 7 years. I have a 2 year old son. Since my son was born, I've begun to lose connection with my husband. I've found that we have very little in common and I cannot share my feelings with him. I have also experienced or discovered this spiritual path that I'm on. I feel disconnected from the social norm in general. I've lost interests in things that would normally excite me. I feel like I need a lot of alone time and solitude to feel grounded. I feel that my husband and I are from different planes. We've stoped talking for 6 months and I finally told him that I wanted to separate. Now my husband is wanting things to workout. He wants us to see couple counseling. I agreed to it only because I wanted us to try everything first. Deep in my heart, I have the feeling that it wouldn't matter much. The only thing that concern me the most is my son's happiness. I want him to be happy and be loved and not have to feel lacking in anyway. I keep asking God and the universe to give my a sign of what I'm doing is right and the path I'm about to embark is the right one and then I keep seeing the number 11s. I would like to ask for others' opinions in this matter. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
11 Phenomenon Forum / Re: Curious
« Last post by Gene on May 20, 2017, 02:13:12 AM »
If we could come up with a good group of questions it is always possible we could find some kind of pattern with the people who are experiencing this. I wouldn't think most people would want to disclose much personal info on the web so in regards to things like birth date we might want to come up with numbers like a life path number and those kinds of things. Or do the survey anonymously. We might need to reach out to other websites and posters who are also with us on this since, as you can see people have really quieted down on here. I wonder if many have had this stop for them? I doubt it, but maybe some have. It seems from casual observation that background is very diverse. I have seen people all over the internet with a good number that I know I share few things with other than having these experiences. There are some famous people who are part of this. I am sure hiding somewhere beneath the surface are similarities or patterns though. And despite any differences we are all called who are going through this.

Good to hear from Steve and Lin as always. Hope all is well with you and everyone who may be reading this. I have been watching videos on Lin's recommendation on Damon Berry's "Knowledge of Forever Time." They really makes you think about things. A lot of things you see in a different light and you realize there are many mysteries that we really still don't understand. Even some that we thought we had answers to. I will also have to start listening to Raymond Moody on near death experiences that Lin also suggested. Another incredible thing that just can't be logically explained away...
11 Phenomenon Forum / Curious
« Last post by Faithdreamin on April 27, 2017, 09:35:47 PM »

Hello Gene & Elevener's, Like many of you I am here because of my frequent encounters with the number 11. I do not have an explanation for why I seem to be prompted to look at something displaying the number 11 without consciously thinking about it so often it caused me to wonder if other people experienced the same thing. I am grateful to have found that I am not alone and I am also curious to find what it all means. This brings me to ask the question whether there is anything else that is similar about the members? Please forgive me if this has already been investigated. I haven't read all the posts yet. I am wondering if there was a way that information about members (for example date of birth or where people live) could be looked at to see if there is a pattern of some kind that might show whether we are seeing this at random or not. I realize this would be a big job & perhaps someone has a better idea. I am not knowledgeable enough to know if there is a program that would be able to look for patterns and come up with something like a graph used in recording statistics. Maybe if enough people were interested members could fill out a survey (?) Like others who have posted, the 11:11 prompt seems to come & go. For a while it will go quiet & I start to think maybe I was imagining things. Sometimes months would go by & then it will start again with even more frequency. When I have tried to explain what happens most people will fob me off as just trying to make it happen by thinking about it. That is not the way it happens at all. I sincerely hope I haven't offended anyone by posting this when I haven't contributed anything before. Sometimes I get ideas in my head & this is one of those times I am simply sharing my thoughts. The people (or person) behind the scenes that make this site possible are very much appreciated, Thank you. (Gene?)
Hello 11er's,
   It was great to see a post from Lin. Where would we be without you? I've been checking in for a long time but this recent lull was a doozie. This morning I thought I'd post something because the 11's are so strong with usual.
  On average I see 11 after the hour at least 3 times a day. Usually I see it on my computer monitor which is a really small clock.
   The other night I got up and was curious as to what time it was. I have a small clock in the corner of my living room and when I was close enough to read it, it was 2:11 am. I got pulled over a day or two later by the Po-Po for going a little too fast and that happened at exactly 9:11 am.
   Lin's phenomenon concerning 333 sounds eerily familiar as I'm sure it will with other 11er's. Pointman19 mentioned a long time ago how 444 resonated with him. After that it did with me too but it would be months down the line before 444 became apparent to me. I'm not expecting 333 to become prevalent in my life because I think that's a Lin thing. What I find eerily familiar is that we all seem to pick up some kind of message associated with 11.
   I first became a member here in 2010 so I'm approaching my 8th anniversary of realizing that I was an 11er. For the longest time now, early on in my day, I've been asking myself, "Will I see an 11 today?" and I always do. In the beginning I was a little unsure if I told myself, "Probably." Now it's practically a given. And before too long I'll be eliminating the "probably".
   Lin has her 333 thing going and I am shadowed day and night with 11 sightings and you, fellow 11er, have your thing whether you realize it right now or not. It may not be the same message but we are being communicated with by something. Something spiritual. We have been selected or are chosen for something...and what that is remains a mystery for now.
   I encourage you to follow your own lead because this seems to be how it's evolving. Each of us will have our own experiences with occasionally some similarities. I would also encourage you to post what's happening in your world. My thoughts are pretty simple today. You don't have to post an essay. Just post your happenings! That's what Lin does. She posts her happenings and I for one, process it. I find it incredibly interesting to find out what happens in others peoples "11 world".
See ya round. 11erSteve
Greetings 11er's,

I shall break the long silence.....where the heck are you guys?  Lots of new members and everyone is quiet.  No one has any new information or experiences to share with us?  Nothing?  Nada???  LOL....

Ok so keep getting 123, 1234.... 111x111 is 123,21 1111x1111 is are surrounded by 11's.....multiple 11's....all 11's on this forum....this is just a guess....but strange that you keep seeing those numbers.....they certainly mean something exclusive to you.

I, on the other hand continue to see the 11's every which way but something very significant has happened to me.  I see 333 at very significant moments ......there have been lots of changes in my life and 333 turns up just when I need a sign.  It is absolutely magnificent!  Unbelievable.....and a few weeks ago, it appeared on my iPad as the exact time 3:33 and right next to it playing and displaying on my iPad was the song " Formless Presence" by Constance Denby.  This cannot be a " coincidence" ......??

I am in absolute awe every time 333 appears.....I love it!  It loves me.....!!!  I feel so blessed that I receive these signs....just thought I would share this with all you guys out there.  I also miss hearing from the old guys like Jason, Dred, and 11er Steve, Lion, Bridge, and many others who have posted...  I hope you are all doing well.  Please drop me a note telling me you are ok.

So I have something else to share with you.  There's nothing good to watch on 800 channels of t.v. So I now watch You Tube.....I found a series of shows that I really enjoy....Damon Berry's  " Knowledge of Forever Time" ...if you haven't watched his shows do so.....there is some element of sensationalism but I think his shows portray what really has been kept from us.  If you still think that the pyramids were built by slaves, I strongly suggest you watch his shows.  He has a few of them that are quite interesting.  After you watch them tell me what you think.

I would also like to mention, that we should keep on digging for answers to this phenomenon.  Let's not give up.  Ten years ago, no one spoke about near death everyone is sharing their experiences including Doctors who have experienced it.  Most people now believe that there is an afterlife and it is beautiful.  I think that someday, we will discover the true meaning of our 11 experiences .....just like the near death experiences.....( if you are interested in near death, Raymond Moody is the best guy to listen too on You Tube).

I wish you all the best!

Namaste, Lin

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