Author Topic: The truth - unravelling  (Read 6207 times)


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Re: The truth - unravelling
« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2015, 02:01:15 AM »

You are right, they probably wouldn't tell us what is really going on. But I think it could be less of a case of what they are trying to do and more of what they might inadvertently do. I think it is a case where technology has exceeded common sense. They are conducting "experiments." There are too many unknown variables to be messing around with such machines. What might they unleash? Earthquakes, volcanoes, the gates of hell? For all their intelligence they do not see the signs we see. They are searching for the unseen and are blind to  what is in front of countless observers, such as our fellow 11ers.

There are so many signs and imagery as has been mentioned a lot on the forum. I think in many cases it is a matter of people doing evil work unknowingly. People are dabbling in Freemasonry and the Illuminati and they are flashing signs that in some cases are probably intentional, but I think in many cases they are clueless. Yet they are on board whether they know what they are doing or not. I think this applies to some of the entertainers out there and even politicians and whatnot. Many are not smart enough to be an integral part of diabolical things. They are being led. This may be in part due to the dabbling in things as I mentioned and in some cases they might be of an evil mindset...

I don't know what things like CERN will unleash, but I think it all is within God's sight and ultimate plan. I think it is important to let people know the signs we see for sure. But so much is happening that has been predicted for hundreds and even thousands of years that I have to believe they are unfolding as they are supposed to. I believe there are times when events have been held back when people turned from their evil ways and toward God, but I have doubts that we are turning back at this point. We have just fallen so far in the last 20 years and it is accelerating. The signs in the world and the repeating numbers and everything else seem to be gaining steam at a similar acceleration. So we keep fighting the good fight and alerting people to open their eyes to all these "coincidences" that are far too many to be actually be a coincidence.



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Re: The truth - unravelling
« Reply #16 on: June 06, 2015, 09:28:12 AM »
I just ran across this video in the last week, you may have already seen it, but it's well put together.. It touches on a lot of the conspiracies in one shot.,...