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Dream of huge sets of numbers spinning by
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:25:11 PM »
A couple weeks ago I had a pretty vivid dream. I saw a group of numbers somewhere around 8 deep by about 20 lines wide that were scrolling at amazing speed. I could see there were many more just outside my field of vision. There were some letters sprinkled in with the numbers and they were crystal clear at the time of the dream, although I don’t remember any specific groups of numbers. What struck me from the dream when I was having it and when I woke up was that I was looking at the numbers or code of the universe. I knew the numbers meant something and the enormity of it was stunning. Since I felt the numbers meant something the enormity of them made me feel they were far bigger than anything earthly.
Something else about the dream was that I had felt that I was just waking up. I closed my eyes and it seemed to me like I was not fully asleep. I have had a few of those kinds of dreams before where I would see something very clear like I was watching a movie play out before me at very fast speed. Despite the speed of it I could see great detail. One of those dreams was where I was moving above hundreds of houses and could see each in great detail as I passed each one.

Although it could somehow be a dream within a dream the clarity of these is what also set them apart from other dreams. I know that sleep paralysis has something to do with going to a stage between sleep and waking up. It is claimed that you are still experiencing REM sleep even though you have woken up.  Whether this is related or similar to that I do not know. It has happened as I was about to fall asleep and also as I had woken up so I would stop short on calling it some kind of a vision. I don’t know enough about dreams to have a good read on it at this point.