Author Topic: I pet goat II and Louis Lefebvre interview speaking on Christ Conciousness  (Read 3003 times)


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I pet goat II if you haven't seen it you got to  very prophetic tons of symbolism in this video to decipher which tons of people have you tube have all come up with their own theories as to what the video means.  This guys story Louis Lefebvre story about making the video is very interesting to listen to,  I linked it to where he brings up Christ consciousness  because of Lin bringing up Pierre  Tielhard de Chardin  in another thread.

After doing a little reading up on him on wikipedia I was interested to read about this  Tielhard's theory of the phenomenon of man. 
quoted from wikipdedia.

Teilhard's life work was predicated on the conviction that human spiritual development is moved by the same universal laws as material development. He wrote, "...everything is the sum of the past" and "...nothing is comprehensible except through its history. 'Nature' is the equivalent of 'becoming', self-creation: this is the view to which experience irresistibly leads us. ... There is nothing, not even the human soul, the highest spiritual manifestation we know of, that does not come within this universal law."[8] There is no doubt that The Phenomenon of Man represents Teilhard's attempt at reconciling his religious faith with his academic interests as a paleontologist.[9] One particularly poignant observation in Teilhard's book entails the notion that evolution is becoming an increasingly optional process.[9] Teilhard points to the societal problems of isolation and marginalization as huge inhibitors of evolution, especially since evolution requires a unification of consciousness. He states that "no evolutionary future awaits anyone except in association with everyone else."[9] Teilhard argued that the human condition necessarily leads to the psychic unity of humankind, though he stressed that this unity can only be voluntary; this voluntary psychic unity he termed "unanimization." Teilhard also states that "evolution is an ascent toward consciousness", giving encephalization as an example of early stages, and therefore, signifies a continuous upsurge toward the Omega Point,[9] which for all intents and purposes, is God.

This statement right there reminded me of the I pet goat II and Louis's statement in that interview.  So figured I'd share the videos .