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The Secret
« on: May 26, 2015, 10:23:19 PM »
  Netflix describes The Secret thusly: An assembly of writers, philosophers and scientists share the secret which reputedly brought success to Plato, daVinchi, Einstein and other greats.   I was so taken the first time I saw The Secret I was a follower from day one. This DVD really moved me and at the time it was a Godsend.
   Not everyone shares my enthusiasm about it but it unlocked something for me.
   If you were to ask me how to resolve problems I suggest that you pinpoint the cause of the problem, seek out a solution (or solutions) and apply what you think is the best solution. Hopefully a solution that is beneficial to everyone involved, an all win situation, if you please.
   By nature people have been resolving problems since the dawn of time, and most do it without even knowing how they go about it. I know I didn't until I was about 30. Don't get me wrong, I had always been able to resolve problems to some degree but until I looked at it as a three step method, pinpointing the cause, selecting the most logical solution and applying that solution, well it's just a whole lot easier than grasping at straws.
   I saw The Secret for the first time about 3 years ago and it had a huge impact on me. Something clicked and I thought back to times in my life where scenarios in the DVD were similar to situations that I had encountered in the past. That connection had me quaking in my boots. I swear I was a changed person for life after watching The Secret.
   There's a lot to what is presented in the DVD but to touch on the highlights would be to grasp the concept of something called The Law of Attraction. It's so true, what you focus on becomes your reality. Vision boards are a powerful tool too. I've got one and some of what I put up on my vision board comes true, and I'm teetering on something big right now. More on that in the future. And possibly one of the critical thing to glean from The Secret is having a grateful attitude, even when things aren't so great.
   Over the past few years more and more I am thankful and life gets sweeter. I just give thanks as the day passes. I'm grateful for a parking spot up front at the grocery store. I have three Schwinn Stingrays and I think how much I love those bikes and while I take one out for a ride I'm thankful for every minute I'm riding. When I pet my cat...I'm thankful. get the picture.
   The Secret rung so true for me after a while I stopped being a follower and became an apostle. Honest The Secret is my religion, or a part of it anyway.
   One last thing. I do follow what's presented in The Secret and I've added a little something of my own. GIVING! Yep you hear it here first. Giving is the true currency in life here on Earth. When you give it comes back to you tenfold. Quickly I'll tell you a story. A couple of years ago I took a road trip from Portland to Yellowstone then on to Denver and back to Oregon. The morning I left as I was warming up the car I thought to myself "I wish the best for everyone who I pass on the road. Whether they are going in the same direction or the opposite, I wish them the best. Then I thought that should go for every town and city I passed. And those good wishes were for everybody on my round trip journey.
   And you know what? I had the most extraordinary time. At about 99% of the places I parked my car I got the super deluxe close in parking spot. My food seemed to taste better. I'd step up to a geyser and it would go off. I'd have the choice of taking the path most used and took a few short side trips and it was one great experience after another.
   Please take an hour and a half and watch The Secret its a small investment for possibly a huge payoff.
   Love to all. 11erSteve