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My story
« on: July 30, 2015, 02:57:35 AM »
Hi everybody.  I never normally like to make public posts about things this close to my heart, so bare with me if this isn't exactly the most well written post.  I'm a computer scientist in my late 20s, was raised and still am a Christian, and I've been noticing elevens for at least a year.

Truthfully though, I'm really not sure exactly how long it's been.  I've never brought it up to anyone, and I assumed it was just a massive bout of confirmation bias.  2011 was a very, very rough year for me, as my best friend since I was just a toddler passed away from cancer.  Sure, occasionally we'd have our differences, but I did everything I could to stick by him and make him feel comfortable and loved until the very end.  His death day was the most devastating day of my life, and I can still replay the moment I found out he had passed in my head clearer than whatever I did ten minutes ago.

So, over time, elevens started to stick out to me.  I'd see eleven minute youtube videos, eleven dollar pricetags I'd stumble across; I even had a job where the only nearby restaurant was a McDonalds.  My favorite combo meal?  The Filet o' Fish.  #11, of course.  And just like everyone else, I was disproportionately seeing *:11 on clocks all the time.  But it's definitely confirmation bias.   It's got to be, right?  You know, the cognitive bias where if you focus on something in particular, you start to see it everywhere?  Well, one odd thing is that the other digits of my friend's death day don't stand out to me at all.  He passed away on August 21st, but I never notice eights or twenty-ones everywhere.  I don't look at the clock and see *:21, let alone 8:21 disproportionately.

So, this has continued on through a few weeks ago.  I've still never mentioned this to a single soul, when one day my mom comes over for a visit. 

Out of the blue, she asks me if I've happened to notice elevens everywhere lately.

:o I'm shocked and taken aback.  Usually if she'd ask me something like this, I'd tell her anything I know about psychology or whatnot to try and give a plausible explanation to whatever she heard.  I'll admit, I'm the kind of person that'll sit there and feverishly Google something and try to find out, or at least aggregate an possible answer, just so I can learn some new facts and better understand whatever we're talking about.  I love learning facts and answers to any question I could ever have, but this is completely different.  I had seen that number so much, it was truly starting to annoy me.  I was even starting to worry that I might be going nuts and developing some sort of crazy elevenphobia, like you'd see out of a child's wacky fact book.

So, I told her everything.  How I've been plagued by it for a long time, how often I see it on clocks, and how I never wanted to discuss it because of my solid skepticism of anything metaphysical.  She told me about how she sees it all the time too, and I couldn't believe I wasn't alone.  So I start Googling, I found you guys, and I'm blown away that there are so many of us.

As I've stated, I tend to be the last person to ever buy into anything supernatural blindly.  Growing up a video game enthusiast and working towards becoming a computer scientist has had me spend a lot of time around atheists, since it just comes with the territory.  Staying a Christian in such an environment has always been challenging, but I know deep down inside that I'm doing the right thing by not rejecting Christ, though that's a story for another time.  I've had a lifelong addiction to learning just about anything there is to learn, and striving to find facts at all costs, but this eleven phenomenon is something I've never seen before in my life.  Reading a bit here before I posted showed me how diverse and intelligent we all seem to be, and it feels like we're a chosen few in some sort of sci-fi movie. 

I'm glad I've found you guys!   :)


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Re: My story
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2015, 09:35:29 PM »
A perfectly timed post, not to high jack it (your 'chosen one" reference did it), I'll jump in here as well. With a large crystal of salt (versus a grain), and a 'read (LIVE) at your own risk' disclaimer:

My 'flipped-switch' incident occured recently when I encountered someone who, flat-out blew me away. A divine, perfect, something beyond this physical place, touched my soul. Never before, nor since. Uh huh. Time stopped. The room evaporated into a white-golden light, just the two of us, in a warm happy pure overwhelming love-white place.... Like it happened this morning. I've felt like something has been missing, since. I have this nervous twitch (like a chill but I'm not cold). And elevens (and multiples), 'soul-path' (birthday) numbers, everywhere. Teasing, taunting, enticing, pushing, driving. And irony, lots of irony. ironic of me to point out I'm sure. What a strange place this has become.

Researching here there everywhere, this "WTF?" moment, elevens indicate, something. If we dare put-it-together. There is something, deeper going on here. Formal religeons serve the general purpose of directing folks to not be assholes, respect self & others, decency, morality, civility. We have 'evolved' from caves and purely animal behavior, to where civilization is today. How far can this 'evolution' take us? Assuming there is some intention at work, I offer that we are spiritual beings, in animal form.

A Couple things seem to re-occur to me (besides the digits):
1) LOVE- its all about love, we're (intended to be) products of it, good works are produced with it, if not, it matters not.
2) God created us in his image- (What image does your imagination imagine when you consider such an image?)  an image requires one to perceive it, perceptions will vary between individuals. Your SOUL, my SOUL, OUR SOUL. Same thing. This and this alone binds us together to whatever fate.

Fantastic to see I'm not the only (one) one. We are awakening, we are the chosen ones: Report for duty. Now is the time. We may not have this opportunity again. Can you see how you've been blessed? What are you going to do with/about it?

MAYBE: You are here, now, to grow/develop your soul, OUR soul. By nurturing caring learning loving helping others, other souls, on our path, it furthers us all, individually AND collectively. If, Spiritually, we are only as strong as our weakest link, we HAVE WORK TO DO!!! We cannot fail in this mission. What is the real difference between anyone, you, me? Our cars, clothes, bright and shiney things, that which can be stolen by thieves and sullied by fools? Go deeper. Find the meaning. Some of us are closer than others, to the ultimate truth. Love, laugh, live more. Leave the animal in the cage, you are done with it.

Thank you, lights in the darkness. I might be wrong (ahem, it'd be the third time). So, to close, you folks seem to have a good handle on this, keep going. Or not. I'm gonna go drown worms and kill brain cells.


2 Timothy 2, 1-7

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Re: My story
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2015, 05:11:28 AM »
Welcome 9th man and Mattitude, amazing first posts great to see new blood posting. I'm a gamer myself 9th and it amazes me even the 11's come through in my gaming all the time.  Like yourselves I am pretty obsessed with the phenomenon so I check back often, it's interesting as well how often 11'rs posting times on the forums will have 11's in them or add to 11 or some kind of number sequence.  So once i realized that I had to keep coming back cause it's evidence of what we are saying is true in relation to seeing 11's.  Also to note we have just started having conference calls bi weekly on saturdays at 11 am est.  I'm pretty sure our next one is next week, Melbell has been getting those set up for us feel free to call if you got the time they normally run an hour your not required to or anything though.  Also feel free to post whatever even if it isn't 11 related keeping the forum active and people interested in coming back generates more traffic so hopefully we all can get to the bottom of this.