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Hello again Eleveners!
« on: February 22, 2016, 09:04:33 AM »
Hello Everyone, ive been gone for some time now...

I wanted to apologize for my abscense, ive been having a very rough past few months.  Things could have always been worse and im gratefull that they werent. 

Ive started my creative writing again, which has really re-invigorated me to get back to my research on the 11 phenomenon as well as my side project on Ancient History (which has actually turned into the main project at the moment as i still do more research on the 11's).  The really cool thing i ran into was an app called Wattpad (www.wattpad). 

This pretty much lets anyone who wants to be an aspiring writer to just...write and publish. And as long as you make your books public, they can be read by anyone!  I began taking my history blogs, and turning them into a book that can read on the go...well digitally at least lol. 

You can see the book here

I plan to have a lot more of an active role on the forums again, i see its been pretty quiet around here lately.

So for those who dont know me, i would like to say hello to all of you :)  If there is anyway i can help or lend advice about your 11 phenomenon, dont hesitate to drop me a private message...or even contribute to some threads.

I think a lot of you out there, esecially the quieter and shy ones, will be very suprised at how no judgements are made snide sarcasm.  Please, dont hesitate to speak up, make a thread, or contribute to other topics with your ideas. 

It's nice to be back :)