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11:11 Are we receiving information/Ideas
« on: September 11, 2012, 04:30:14 AM »
HI there, well really dont know where to start, after finding this site and reading all your experiences firstly i have to say Im glad Im not on my own.  My details: Lili, 52 years old, spiritualist since birth lol, leo, before we start let me just explain that i dont think faith has anything to do with our encounters with the number 11.
 Spiritualism is the basis for all faiths, we all believe in the same thing, personal retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth, if not on this world then defo in the next. Also, the continuation of life, of the human soul, after death.
It doesnt matter if you believe in this or not, it doesnt alter that one fact. I am only explaining about this so that you know that what i am about to say is also fact, you can look it up online if you like, but i know alot of what Im about to say.

I have been seeing the number 11 for about 20 years, it goes away and it returns, i too have looked up disasters, and lots of other ideas looking constantly for a reason for this phenomenom.

 We all are surrounded by energy, our 'aura' this energy is constantly enimating from our bodies, it flows over our heads arms legs, if we are alive we have an aura. The aura is like a living computer, it collates information about our surroundings and the people in those surroundings. When it meets with other auras it mingles, if in contact with that person on a regular basis our partner/boy/girl friend/mother/father/best friend/friend then we begin to finish each others sentences, know what theyre thinking before they say it and generally become telepathic to the other persons thoughts, needs and wants. We all can give examples of this !

Apart from picking up other peoples expressions etc; we can also tune in to the situations around us. The aura is a computer that is constantly online if you like, always tuning in and picking up emotions, feelings and more importantly, data. Data that may be from anothers aura, or just floating around in the ether. Information about all kind of things, ideas, hopes, strange occurences, all incredible pieces of info that our aura stores and files away in case of future use.   

It does this automatically, without our knowledge. Have you ever wondered how if something strange has happened to you and you mention it to your friends then the chances of them having had the same experience is about 99%. I see multiple numbers all the time, 21:12 11:11 :20:02 mirror numbers i call them, in middle of the night, during the day, i have never woken in the night on a time that was not a mirror number, Strange! Are we tuning in to the frequency of these numbers? is our neighbour waking then too? Is our friend ?

Last conversation i had with a close friend i mentioned this night waking idea and the conversation was joined in with about ten other people all saying we should email when we wake as all of us were waking then too! But our partners sleep soundly so its not everyone.

If people from another dimension were trying to get a message to us how would they do it? Stephen Hawkins himself says that other dimensions exist, science tells us that there is a time dimension that atoms can be sent to? All Im suggesting is theories, I am looking for an answer, I love mysteries, but judging by how many people have read our experiences on this site, we are not alone by a long way. Im beginning to need an answer! You too! correlating a few details is a good place to start, do we have something in common?