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Forum Rules - Signing Up
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:33:04 PM »
Hi everybody. This is a bit overdue and mostly for new members or those wishing to sign up. Due to the amount of spam on the board your signup must be approved before you can post. I am able to filter out 99% of the spammers this way. If you send me an email it can expedite the process and decrease the chance of getting your signup accidentally deleted (gene at 11 phenomenon...). If you are a spammer do not bother signing up. Spam isn't tolerated and your ip information will be collected and may be reported... Your spam post will not last long so if you are smart you will realize it is not worth wasting your time. I am aware not everybody is that smart. If anyone sees spam on the board feel free to contact me or click on the "report to moderator" option that appears in the post.

The only other thing I ask for from members is to be respectful of others. Dissenting opinion is fine, but try to be intelligent as I reserve the right to delete you if I deem you are just being difficult. I think it is also good practice to assume children could be reading the posts so try to keep it as something you wouldn't be afraid of your own kids reading. While I would consider this a site for adults, this phenomenon can happen to young and old alike so they could actually be searching to see if this is happening to anyone else and seeking answers; Just like most of the rest of us did. And this is the world wide web after all so some people will just stumble on to it so lets do our best to be respectful. Just use some common sense. While most sites don't seem to care anymore I would like this one to...

As for the good people out there of which is most of you - welcome aboard! A lot of people are having the same experiences as you are so you are among friends and at home here.

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