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defintley a marking
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:56:29 AM »
Ive been a member for near 2 years now,and what ive recently discovered ive missed
near death experiences more time in the last 2 years then can be considered coincendence.
Last Febuary i was in a head on crash going 50mph and so was the person who crossed the
double yellow line which gives you a at least 100 mph head on.What im trying to say the air bags did no gp off but i walked away with very minor injuries.This morning almost the same thing i went
to pass a truck on a single lane road didnt see the car coming at me because of the road dip i should not be typing this right now i should have been dead,its like something just moved the truck out of the way and i passed the oncoming car by inches,lookes at the clock radio and yup
8:11.Sorry for the long rant but im just giving out these two out of so many i couldnt begin to count.
Ive a few other posts on here from a while back,which is why im not going into the whole 11 happenings.
I just believe for some reason this is some kind of marking,like in the bible for the 144,000 that
were sealed and could not be touchedby satan or others.So far in this board i havent seen one
person write in and say there spouse or someone they knew who believed in the 11 theory that
has met a bad fate or accident?? Coincidence i dont think so.I still everyday see the 11s mostly on a digital clock at least a few times a day and it gets more interedting when you see a 7:11 a 8:11
in a row and the day gets even more interesting if you have 3 in a row.Some of these are good days some are not so good,today was a 2 in a row,so the mystery goes on.I just wish i could get some idea of what this means and how many people this is effecting,i think if we could get that
number of people that this effects it would give us a better idea of what it means.Ok ive said enough,hope all the members and 11ers have a really great day. ::)


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Re: defintley a marking
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2014, 04:08:32 PM »
I think you definitely had some someone watching over you today and all those other times.  Im just very happy that your hear to tell the tale.  I had a near death experience myself last summer and i can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that i too, should NOT be here to recount that tale.

There was something you said about you were suprised that you dont hear anything about spouses or relatives that see it either.  I dont know if i mentioned this in an earlier post, but about after 4 months of experiencing this kind of thing (it was after i renewed my faith in god...and meant it), i had finally sat my mother down to tell her what i was going through. I honestly thought she was going to think the cheese had slid off my metaphorical cracker.

What really blew me away was when her eyes got wide and said " too??"

about a month later, my mother was T Boned in a car accident.  The other driver was doing 60 in a 45 with her kid in the car seat.  it was a four way intersection and as my mom went to turn out onto the main road, the other driver never stopped.  She just blew right through the intersection and BAM!  no brakes or anything, she hit her full force.

The other drivers car was totalled and miraculously, the driver AND her infant daughter left with very very minor injuries. something short of a miracle.  My mother injuries were minor as well, and after some physical therapy, she was back up to her former self.  But something very odd happened when we were at the ER.  There were no other people in the emergency room, yet they placed her in room number 11.
Then after a bit, and the doctors had done there thing and she was taking a small while to recover, she needed to be escorted to the restroom.  As i stood outside, my eyes flicked up to the Serial number that above the door...which was 11-011.  Once my mother came out of the restroom, i wanted to point it out to her (she was doing fine at that  point, so it wasnt out of the question to talk to her about anything in conversation.)  Before i could point it out, she looked up and said, "Oh look that Jason, that number is 11-11." She smiled and laughed a little and then made  a comment about how the spirit guides were truly looking out for her and the other driver today.

For her, the driver, and that infant daughter...the outcome of the whole situation was nothing short of truly miraculous.   With the way the events had unfolded....someone should have gotten seriously hurt.