Seeing Repeating Numbers, Number Patterns, and 11:11...

Are you seeing the number 11 everywhere? You are not alone! The 11 phenomenon is happening all over the world. What is going on? It is not a coincidence. Are you seeing this on clocks, license plates, receipts, and the like at an alarming rate? Do you keep seeing repeating numbers and number patterns? Perhaps you came here looking for the 11:11 meaning because you are experiencing that common manifestation of this strange experience? These things are all a part of this growing phenomenon. (See what others are saying about this and other relatable phenomena in our 11 Forum. Your chance to connect with like-minded people (sometimes called 11ers) who have been experiencing the same synchronicity and supernatural events. We are not alone! Something big is happening!)

If 11's are driving you crazy you are part of a growing group of people who have been having this strange experience. You are probably drawn to this number or other repeating numbers on a digital clock far more than mathematically probable or seemingly even possible. You experience streaks where it seems like you are seeing 11's everywhere. The number 11, and often multiples of it (repeating numbers), such as 111, 1111, 22, 222, 33, 333, 44, 444, 55, and 555 appear on receipts, license plates or in other various odd ways with unbelievable frequency. This weird coincidence probably started happening to you all of a sudden. For many it begins with seeing the number 11 or 11:11 all the time.

A lot of people experience many variations of the phenomenon. You might even be seeing numbers in sequence, such as 123 and 1234. There are even people who are getting those in number patterns, such as 243, 321, and 312. The majority of people were unaware others were also experiencing this strange coincidence when they started being a part of this repeating numbers and number patterns mystery. If you search around the internet you will see a lot of people making casual mention on social media of this happening to them with more than a few making a wish at 11:11. They have become a part of this without realizing the amazing scope of it. The most common form of this is 11:11 and the number 11 on its own. It is a kind of synchronicity and perhaps you are experiencing a number of different forms of it.

If you happened to stumble upon this page and are thinking this is just one person with a vivid imagination, then please open another browser and do a couple searches on the subject of people seeing the number 11 everywhere or keep seeing 11:11... You will be amazed to see this is shockingly widespread. This isn't a couple of drunken people in a field seeing or being abducted by UFOs. From my own research and observations I can say most people weren't even aware that such a phenomenon existed until they started experiencing it themselves. So now hopefully you're back from your searches on this phenomena and we can continue to find the meaning of number 11 and solve this mystery together...

I had never heard of this before it started happening to me. One night I glanced at the clock on my computer and it was 9:11. Not the first time certainly, but this was something different. It was like this number was calling my attention and it gave me chills. I thought it was just a 9/11 awareness thing, since this was about a year after the terrorist attack on America. Before any doubters write it off to a heightened awareness of those terror attacks, understand there were many people who had this experience before that day.

As you continue to look into the number 11 meaning you will come to understand just how strange this phenomenon is. There are so many strange things happening in the world in these times that it is hard not to consider some of them to be signs and of a supernatural origin. Some people believe these synchronicities are angel numbers or a sign of the end times. When we look at how these numbers are popping up in people's lives it is a good time to consider Pythagoras and the "All is Number" quote. There has been no shortage of brilliant minds pointing to numbers being behind the mysteries of the universe. People are always asking for a sign from God. If you are experiencing this you are an elevener (11er). You are not alone. You have been called. You are part of this awakening whether you set out on this journey or not.

So after my initial experiences the number 11 really started popping up in a big way for me. I would happen to glance at the clock and it would be 11 after the hour at a much higher frequency than it should be. Since there is a 1 out of 60 chance of the clock being at any particular minute and I might look at the clock an average of 3 or 4 times an hour; I should not see that number half a dozen times out of, say, a 16 or 17 hour waking day. I should not have been waking up during the night and have it 11 minutes after the hour about 20% of the time for the last 15 plus years. This is what I call strange phenomena. There are countless personal stories out there out there of people having such an ongoing experience with seeing repeating numbers and number patterns. Seeing sequential numbers such as 123 and 1234 are also happening to a lot of people.

I wrote this phenomenon off to coincidence for a long time. I laughed and joked about it. Then it became a little annoying. I then attempted to block it out as if I was ignoring an annoying person. The elevens would not get the hint. I would flip the channel to a ball game and the game clock would be stopped at 11:11. Again this would happen at an incredibly improbable frequency. I look over at a car dealership that I have driven by many times in my life that was founded by a distant relative and realize for the first time that the number on it is 1111. My son moves into a building with the same number.

Many people might also write this all off as a coincidence. However, the odds of all this happening so frequently would probably be in line of winning the lottery 5 times in a row. If this is happening to you and you consider the mathematical probability of seeing a number this frequently, then you will know what I am talking about. Since I know I am not alone in this; it is like many people have had the same impossible lottery coincidence. When you learn the significance of the number 11 and world history you will really come to an awakening that something big is happening here; a supernatural occurrence. Is it a biblical sign? A sign of the times or even the end times? Is God trying to get our attention? It is worldwide. It is not a coincidence. Read on to learn more about this great mystery and take a look at the forum for more on the meaning of this phenomenon:

What is the Meaning Behind the Repeating Numbers, Number Patterns, and 11:11 Phenomenon Mystery?

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